Mando America Corp.

Hogansville , GA

EPS Quality Engineer

Mando America Corp.
Hogansville, GA Full-time
Posted on July 22, 2018

EPS Quality Engineer, Hogansville, GA:

Bachelor's degree in Electronics Engineering, EE, IE, ME, or related field & 2 years experience in engineering, & quality control for automotive power steering systems.

Technology is our vision and future. Although all companies value technology and quality, Mando is not the 'target' of improvement, but the 'vision' of the enterprise itself. The half-century history of Mando's challenge and enthusiasm for securing Korea's only proprietary technology, which has been achieved in the wastage of automotive parts technology, has become a living history of Korean automobiles, which are recognized for their technology and quality in the global market.

Mando will continue to grow as a global corporation that encompasses core parts that are the foundation of automobile safety, high-value-added future and high-end automotive parts, based on excellent human resources, advanced technology, production facilities We are looking for a global talent with a passion to challenge.

Mando believes that the top priority of corporate value is to be a talented person, and is committed to fostering talented people based on their trust and belief in individual employees . Now I invite you to partner to do the future of Mando.