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Associate Pastor

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Columbus, GA Full time
Posted on November 14, 2017
Associate Pastor

Provide pastoral service or substitute of sermon delivery, worship, witness, mission, Bible study, prayer, individual counseling & ceremonial events; Req’d. Masters degree in Divinity or Theology in Presbyterian denomination; Foreign equiv. edu. acceptable; 40 hours per week. Mail resume to Rock Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Columbus, Inc. at 5301 Sidney Simons Blvd., Columbus, GA 31904


General Job Duties of an Associate Pastor:

  • May be assigned a specific ministry target group to oversee.
  • In absence of Interim Pastor, receive his ministerial phone calls, lead staff meetings, oversee and lead worship services, and other ministerial duties.
  • Oversee all ministry counseling needs from the church membership and requests from the community.
  • Pray with church members and guests who express difficulties in their life.
  • Oversees the Benevolent Ministry of the church.
  • Teaches regular Bible study classes.
  • Visits nursing care facilities and homebound individuals/age group specific members.
  • Conducts weddings and funerals for church members.
  • Visits grieving church members.
  • Represents the Senior Pastor at committee and ministry team meetings as requested.
  • Cooperates with all staff to promote the entire ministry plan of the church.
  • Serves as an effective liaison to church committees and team ministry efforts.
  • Maintains a continued growth of personal calling and walk with the Lord through Bible study and prayer.
  • Maintains personal priorities with home and family as the spiritual leader.
  • Develops and exercises Personal Evangelism within and outside the church.
  • Gives graciously to the church through tithes and offerings.
  • Performs other duties as assigned by the Senior Pastor.


Disclaimer: All job descriptions/service descriptions are intended as a guide and my or may not fit the vision, purpose and practice of every church.